Selected as Technology Pioneer in 2008 by the World Economic Forum, Anecova is initiating the market deployment of its Natural Fertilisation procedure with Complete Fertility Centre in Southampton.

After several years of R&D and clinical development, Anecova has developed a more natural approach to assisted reproductive technology with the development of a porous capsule device allowing bi-directional passage of fluids, nutrients, endometrial cells and other cellular and non-cellular components, to enable interaction between the embryos and the maternal environment. It allows fertilisation and early embryo development in the maternal environment.

Martin Velasco, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Anecova, says: “Complete Fertility Centre, under the leadership of Professor Nick Macklon, has developed a unique level of excellence in patient care in IVF, combined with state of the art, innovative, patient centric research. We are delighted that Complete Fertility Centre is offering to its patients the Natural Fertilisation procedure based on our AneVivo device”.

Complete Fertility Centre is at the forefront of research and new developments in fertility medicine based at the Princess Anne University Hospital. The expert team of fertility professionals use the latest proven fertility techniques to develop a personal and compassionate treatment plan that offers patients the best chance of completing their family at the earliest opportunity.

Professor Nick Macklon, international leader in fertility medicine and Medical Director at Complete Fertility Centre says: “The AneVivo device allows fertilisation and early embryo development to happen in the mother’s womb rather than in the laboratory. Fertility and early embryos growth happens in a more physiological environment, receiving nutrition and signals from the mother rather than from the culture fluids used in the laboratory. There is increasing evidence that long term health of IVF babies may benefit from reducing the time spent in laboratory conditions. Studies have also shown that this approach, which allows the embryo and the mother to signal to each other, may result in the mother being better prepared and more receptive for embryo implantation. The preliminary results of this innovative procedure are encouraging.”

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About Anecova

Anecova is a Swiss medical device company based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne. Anecova is working with world leading scientists and clinicians in the area of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) with the objective of developing more natural approaches to ART. The company is ISO certified (9001 and 13485) and its AneVivo device is European Certified (CE MARK) and has also received the approval of several regulators in Europe, including the HFEA in the UK. Anecova has been working during recent years in the development of a device allowing the fertilisation and embryo development in the maternal environment instead of in the laboratory. AneVivo, its first device, allows clinics to offer a Natural Fertilisation and Natural Development procedures to their patients. Anecova is starting the commercialisation of AneVivo through leading IVF clinics, initially in the UK with Complete Fertility Centre, Southampton, headed by Professor Nick Macklon a worldwide leader in the IVF field. Anecova was granted the Technology Pioneer Award in 2008 at the World Economic Forum.

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Complete Fertility Centre offers personally tailored consultations, tests and a full range of fertility treatments to help patients have a baby including IVF, ICSI and IUI. The specialist fertility team at Complete Fertility Centre understands their patient’s deep wish for a child and shares the goal to make that wish a reality. Complete Fertility Centre works in partnership with patients to develop an individual research-based treatment plan that will give them the very best chance of achieving a healthy baby at the earliest opportunity. The underpinning success of Complete Fertility Centre is its personalised approach to patient care together with cutting edge evidence-based assisted conception techniques delivered by specialists in their field. Complete Fertility Centre pioneered mild stimulation IVF and ICSI with lighter, shorter and much less stressful hormone treatments delivering optimal pregnancy rates. Complete Fertility Centre offers fixed price packages that present great value and peace of mind that there are no hidden costs.

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