Creating a more natural, physiological approach to fertility treatments

AneVivo™ restores fertilisation and embryos development to the natural environment of the maternal womb using an In Vivo procedure. This technology offers numerous benefits to both the mother and the embryos.

Anecova Fertility Treatment

AneVivo™ Natural fertilisation is a more natural approach to fertility treatment


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The mother benefits psychologically by playing an active role in the fertilisation of her embryos.

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The embryos benefit at the start of their life, during the fertilisation and early development, from optimal conditions within the maternal environment. This is expected to optimize the production of highly competent embryos.


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It is expected that the presence of the embryos in the maternal environment will lead to the mother being better prepared for, and more receptive to, embryo implantation.

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Anecova is offering an innovative fertility treatment

Anecova is a Swiss life-science company focused on creating innovative Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), an alternative to IVF, with the goals of bringing fertility treatment as close as possible to the natural conception and improving the overall quality of fertility care.

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Anecova is working with partners that are leaders in their field, open to innovation, sensitive about the importance of more natural approaches to Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART), with outstanding teamwork, performance and clinical management.
Our aim is to make the AneVivo based Natural Fertilization more widely available through building strong relationships within the clinics over time.

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